SlowPitch (Ontario)

Sunday, September 7th // 1 am
This performance is by donation/PWYC

SlowPitch is Cheldon Paterson, a DJ-turned-turntable artist who moved to Toronto from Grenada when he was four years old. A member of turntable band iNSiDEaMiND, Paterson has performed as DJ Vision, Professor Fingers, and ProEf. While trying to streamline his setup, he gained new respect for the turntable’s uniqueness, and SlowPitch was born. Paterson has since collaborated with filmmakers and video artists, instrumentalists, dancers and spoken word artists — always trying to create futuristic and fantastic soundtracks: “I feel my sound evokes those kinds of visions. Some sounds I’m creating are new sounds — and I imagine a strange world that is alive and moving and unpredictable. I’m inspired thinking about other worlds; it helps me to make my music. Building soundscapes to go with images imagined.”